Daily Skincare Routine

I’ll have to admit… I was not very responsible when it came to taking care of my skin, until about three years ago. I was always in the sun as much as possible – usually without SPF, tanning in the colder months, and falling asleep with my makeup on daily. When I started to see signs of visible aging a few years ago – that’s when I decided I needed to get ahead while I still could! And let’s just face it… sleeping with your make up on, no matter how tired you are, is just gross and pure laziness!

I started noticing some lines around my eyes (I will always claim these are from smiling too much), dullness in my skin’s appearance, and dark spots from sun exposure. I decided to use Rodan and Fields ‘Reverse’ line for a few months to see if it made a difference – and it definitely did! My spots faded, my skin tone looked even for the first time in a while, and I didn’t break out in my problem areas. This line is expensive however, around $200 for all the Reverse products, and will last about 1-1.5 months with regular morning and night use. I definitely recommend their products for people who want to see a drastic change in their skin, however if you have a healthy skin base to begin with, there are other options at a more affordable price point that will give similar results.

I’ve tried a few other brands that were recommended to me in the past few years, however I currently am in LOVE with Tula skincare products, and everything this company stands for. Balance and healthy lifestyle – all bundled into probiotic and superfood skincare. Their products are clean, not tested on animals, and focus on using probiotics – yes the same probiotics that help regulate your stomach. This is a healthy bacteria that helps lock in moisture while also reducing inflammation in the skin. My skin has never looked and felt better!

The best part…. their products are VERY affordable. They have a two great Discovery Kit’s that comes with mini sizes of all their best products for $52. This is the best way to try out the line before you fully commit to the full size products. This kit will also last you 3-4 weeks, so you will be able to start seeing results and test out if Tula is right for you!


Click here to see what is included in the Discovery Kit. They also have an Anti-Aging Discovery Kit that helps fight the signs of time (this is what I purchased) – click here.

In the morning I use the purifying face cleanser, followed with the pro-glycolic resurfacing gel, apply some volume age-defense serum and eye cream, and then the hydrating night day & night cream. Basically – everything that comes in the anti – aging kit! For night time, I use the cleanser, resurfacing gel, and their new product they just launched – aqua infusion gel cream. Holy amazing! This gel cream is packed with hydration that lasts 72 hours. With one use my skin felt plump and silky smooth. I cap this routine off with the overnight skin rescue treatment.


There are so many other great products on their website that I incorporate sporadically in my daily routines for an extra boost of exfoliation or moisture. I highly recommend this line to anyone who wants balanced, healthy looking skin at a great price point. Sign up for email alerts on their site so you can keep up with promotions and additional savings on their products. Click here to get 20% off your first order courtesy of your’s truly!

Skin makes up the largest organ in our body, so we need to take care of it, protect it, and feed it with nutrients. This is not only important when we’re talking about our daily facial routine, but our bodies as well. For years I had the itchiest skin! I would wake up and immediately itch my legs. I think I may have bought every anti-itch lotion on the shelves and nothing seemed to work. I switched my laundry detergent to a “free and clear”, essentially no dyes or perfumes, and that definitely helped. This is also something to look for in lotions – fragrances and dyes can irritate your skin, so if you’re already prone to itching or have dry irritated patches of skin on your body, fragrance free is the way to go. I finally found two lotions that I use religiously now… one is a bargain, the other a splurge.

Bargain lotion – Curél Fragrence Free. Can I get and AMEN & HALLELUJAH?!? This lotion is smooth, thick, and soaks in wonderfully without feeling greasy. Lasts all day, and is also free of fragrances and hypo-allergenic! The best part- it runs about $7-10 for a large bottle – Hooray!curel

Splurge lotion – Kiehl’s Creme de Corps. The pricing on this lotion ranges from $10-75 depending on what size you buy, but it’s worth it! It’s lightweight, creamy, and goes on so smooth. It also gives your skin a slight glow – not to so much a shimmer, just a healthy glow that any light reflects off of. I love the smell, and it soaks in nicely without that greasy feeling.


Both of these lotions get slathered on right out of the shower. The best time for your skin to absorb moisture is when it’s already damp. Once the skin starts to dry out is when the signs of aging and dryness are most noticeable, and skin can become itchy fast. The first thing you want to do after getting out of a relaxing hot shower – is run for the warmest comfy clothes you have. However you must STOP, BRAVE THE GOOSEBUMPS, and apply your moisturizer quickly! Keep in mind not all lotions are the same – so don’t be afraid to try a few in order to find the best ones for your skin type. Also, read the ingredients and don’t be fooled by high price tags. A pricey lotion doesn’t always mean that the lotion is necessarily better. Fragrances, packaging, and brand name have a way of driving up costs… while the ingredients inside are similar to more affordable options!
What are your favorite products you recommend? Comment below!


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