Life is what you Bake it!

Cake is one of my most favorite things in life! Baking has become such a passion of mine in the past couple years. It allows my creative side to shine through, and makes people happy – is there anything better? There’s really nothing more fun than bringing a beautiful custom cake to any occasion. It’s allowed me to be a huge part of celebrating my friends birthdays, their kid’s birthdays, baby showers, weddings, and I get to meet amazing new people through referrals.

I am not professionally trained in baking – but from a young age I baked anything I could. Brownies, cakes, cupcakes, pies… even made my own icing from scratch. I think the team of contractors that finished our basement when I was little were served a new baked good daily, ha! I have a few recipes that are my go-to’s now, that are modified from other recipes I’ve found online, but I will experiment with almost any new flavor combination people ask me for! My personal summer favorite is a light lemon cake, with my blackberry buttercream frosting! In the colder months I love a good apple spice cake with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting… so delicious. Anyone’s mouth watering?!?… No, just me? OK!

Cakes for me are just an expression of my love for whoever they’re going to! It’s not only a talent of mine, but a means of self expression. I’m kind of a perfectionist (and my own worst critic), but once they’re complete, I am just so pumped for everyone to see what I’ve created! I also have been able to make so many different kinds of cakes – no repeats really, which is so fun. Most birthday’s are themed, or each occasion calls for different designs, so every cake or cupcake is unique in its own way. The more I create, the more I learn new techniques and new ways to work with icing.

Sometimes I just deliver or hand the cake off- but other times I have the pleasure of being there when the cake is cut. I always make sure the inside is just as fun as the outside, just to add an extra layer of WOW! Ombre cake, funfetti, checker board pattern, even the american flag once – the inside is always super cute! It’s so great to be there in person and see everyone enjoy my work of art, but it is wrong to be sad when it’s cut, or sometimes smashed, into? HA! My anxiety kicks in a tad when this moment happens… not gonna lie.

My sister gave me the honor of making her wedding cake… and a few years later, my brother followed suit! So blessed that they trusted me enough to make something so important on the the most special day of their lives! No pressure there at all… eek! My sister’s cake was the first time I played around with fondant. Ya know… with a wedding cake, no biggie. I mean – what was I thinking? I watched a you tube video and basically said “I got this”… and thankfully I did. My brother’s cake was the first three tiered cake I made. While the design was more simple than my sisters, the level of frustration was at an all time high, ha! They wanted a “naked” cake, so essentially a layered cake where the icing looks scraped across the outside edge – showing the cake layers. Well… this cake was so big, and some of the sides of the cake were sticking to the pan – ugh, the worst! So – my perfectionist self – went to the grocery store about three times in two days to get more ingredients to remake some of the layers. To anyone else, this would not be a big deal, but where there were holes/tears, the icing went right into them and I just wasn’t having it! Pretty sure I broke down at one point – to which my amazing brother and soon to be sister told me I was nuts, the cake was amazing, and they loved it. Phew! Nerves settled.


Nothing is perfect – and cake design has definitely taught me that. However, the energy and love put into them is priceless. As Kate Spade always says… eat cake for breakfast! I am fully in support of this way of living life!

Recipes and tutorials to come…. stay tuned!

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