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I recently chopped off seven inches of my hair… ahh! I’ve been saying for over a year that I wanted to try a lob (long bob), and finally had the courage to make the cut! I will say that I definitely miss the length on some days just for ease of styling – however I feel very chic and sassy with the shorter length!

When my hair was longer I could easily throw in some Moroccan oil on my ends, a texture or root boost spray along my hair line, and blow dry it with a big round brush – and boom, done! Throw in a couple big loose curls and I could go days without shampooing thanks to some dry shampoo, and toss it in a pony on days where I was stretching the time frame in between washes.

Shorter hair is definitely a little more work – but now that I’ve gotten into a new routine, I’m loving my new look! First thing I had to change was the way I curled my hair. Before, I was using a 1.25 barrel wand for really pretty loose natural looking curls. When the length came off, I felt like when those curls fell, my hair looked like a big triangle – not good! I tried curling with my flat iron, a 1- inch clamp curling iron, a large 2-inch iron… and wasn’t loving any of it. I ended up buying the same L’ange curling wand I had in a 1.25 barrel – in the 1-inch ceramic size. This was the same size I used in the salon the day it was cut, and I loved how it looked – and the style lasted for days with just a few touch ups! These wands sell for about $120 dollars – however the brand will run frequent specials for any ondulé for $45. Such a great deal!

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What is the difference between a titanium wand and a ceramic wand? I had the same question! Did some research and basically found that the titanium wands heat up super fast, however they can have hot spots – so sometimes you can get a little uneven heat throughout the wand. Also – if you accidentally burn your had or any part of your skin, the burn seems to be a tad more intense and leaves a mark almost immediately. Yes – I’m speaking from experience, ha! I’ve curled my hair for years, but when I first got a wand without a protective tip on the end – I would get my finger, neck, or my shoulder all the time. SO freaking annoying! Anyways, the ceramic wands will still heat up fast, however it’s a more even and controlled heat. So you wont get those hot spots – and it’s a little less painful if you happen to tap your skin, and so far I haven’t gotten a mark when that has happened! Keeping my fingers crossed there.

Both types of wands will give you a great curl if you use the right products and technique! For me, I found that the best way to curl for my length of hair was to first straighten the bottom inch or two with a flat iron, and then curl my hair by just wrapping medium sized chunks of hair around the barrel. This creates a natural looking bouncy curl, but leaves the ends a little straight. When the curls fall a little throughout the day, it looks more like a wave and my hair no longer looks like a big triangle! HOOORAY!


When my hair is freshly washed, I start by combing it out with a wet brush. Ladies – if you have not invested in a Wet Brush – go to the store IMMEDIATELY and buy one! They’re anywhere from $10-12 dollars and do wonders for untangling hair right out of the shower. Mine is always super tangled when it’s wet, no matter what conditioner I use – so this brush is seriously a lifesaver! After it’s brushed out, I add the Living Proof Split End Mender, and the OGX Penetrating oil to my ends. Order doesn’t really matter, so I just combine them both into my hand, flip my head over, and massage the products into the ends of my hair. I avoid the roots of my hair as much as possible because I tend to get more oily at the base of my head, and my ends typically are dryer due to the lighter ombré color in my hair.  Both these products help seal the ends, and add moisture to prevent drying. The oil also does a great job of adding a little shine.

I blow dry my hair upside down for about 3-4 minutes to give it a little extra volume and get most of the moisture out. Then I flip my hair back upright, section my hair off in horizontal layers, and dry with a large round brush to smooth out the waves. I naturally have a little wave to my hair, so the round brush really helps straighten those out before I style my hair.

Once it’s dry – I either straighten with my flat iron, or curl with one of my wands. I add the Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairspray to my dry hair all over before I begin to curl. I brush it out so it’s smooth, then section off my hair and begin curling. Once I’ve completed my entire head, I flip it over and add the OGX Bodifying + Bamboo texture spray. This product does go on a little wet as opposed to most aerosol texture sprays, so shake it up really good before you apply. I separate most of my curls upside down with my hands, and then TA-DA! Perfect curls are complete. I add a little Dry shampoo to my hair around my hair line, and ears (since I’m always tucking my hair behind them multiple times a day). This helps combat some of the oil that I know eventually will appear!

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For everyday use – the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day is the HOLY GRAIL of dry shampoo. I’ve tried them all – and this one 100% is the best out there. It actually cleans your hair – and I’m able to go three days in-between washes, when I was normally on the every other day schedule. Sometimes I can push to four if I wear it in a pony! Doesn’t have a smell, and truly just re-freshens your hair with little to no residue. I have really dark roots, so most dry shampoo tends to leave a white powder – this one does not, and the small amount that may show up right after you spray to your roots, easily disappears when you massage the product in. AMEN sista! 

I also love the Dove Refresh + Care dry shampoo. There are a few different kinds, but I always get the Volume & Fullness spray. It’s a super affordable option for everyday use! It does have a little scent, but it’s light and refreshing and fades after you apply it to your hair. I use this before I go to bed, to help combat the nigh time oil that pops up during sleep. It also adds a little volume, which is great if your going on a couple days without shampoo and your hair needs some umph! 


That’s my routine! Hope this helps for anyone with my style of hair, and also any length of hair really! What are your favorite affordable products? Comment below so I can try them!



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