The 5 Most Valuable Things My Mom Taught Me

Celebrating my mom is not something I need a special day for, however on actual Mother’s day… I get to shower my mom with love, a little present, and the best gift of all – time with her most amazing middle child, me! I am blessed to live close to my mom so I can spend these times with her and spoil her with a fun brunch in Chicago!

Fitting that we went to a new Hawaiian inspired restaurant called Mahalo – which means “thank you”. I have so many things to thank my mom for! My great hair and big eyes, my creative side, and countless times she’s kept me above water when I felt like I was going to inevitably drown. She’s always been there for me, and I owe a lot of my character and who I am today to my mother.


The five best things my mother taught me are things that have shaped me and made me a better person. I try to relate back to them as much as possible if I’m going through a rough time, struggling at my job, feeling lonely, and also when everything feels like it’s going right!

  1. It’s never too late to start anything. I debated for over a year whether or not to start my blog… was I too old? Was it too late in life to jump into something new? And then I remember all the times my mom decided to do something new – and she didn’t just take a leap of faith and casually stroll through her new venture, she goes all in! My mother was a stay at home mom when we were younger, but when I was in high school, she decided to jump into real estate. At the time, I was like “ok cool” this will be fun for her! This woman put so much work into putting her brand out there, selling herself, her value… marketing herself in every way possible. Today she is one of the top agents in the state – and works harder than anyone I know. A couple years ago she also decided to join a gym to help her lose weight, feel better about herself, and improve her health. She is 60+(ish) years old – ha, I wont reveal, and is still so dedicated and works out 5-6 times per week! She is the best shape she’s ever been, lost a LOT of weight, is so much healthier… and is more active than ever! It’s never too late to start anything if it’s important to you.
  2.  Family can have so many meanings. My mom has taught me that family doesn’t always mean what you’re born into. Family can be anyone you surround yourself with who support you, uplift you, embrace who you are, and love you as you are. Thankfully my core immediate family is super close, and we will remain that way hopefully forever… but not everyone has that same bond with their parents, siblings, extended family, etc. For whatever the reason – sometimes other people in your life are more “family” than blood relatives, and those relationships are so important to hang onto. Family can be anyone, any group, any relationship that adds value to your life and is worth holding onto. My mom has the strongest network of women behind her who are all basically sisters to her and it’s so amazing to see them support each other.
  3. Stand tall and strong, no matter who or what tries to push you down. Much easier said than done, but my Mom is one of the strongest people I know. She has been through a lot in her life, but always has a way of coming out on top. She is always the bigger person, the bigger heart, and stays true to herself in any situation regardless of what others may think or feel about it. This is something that is hard for me everyday. I always worry about what people think, what are they going to say, why is this person constantly trying to bring me down? There will always be those people in your life who have an opinion you didn’t ask for, or judge you just because. My mom is always putting herself first and staying true to everything she values and her own morals- without everything else ever getting in the way. It’s something I hope to be as good at someday, and will continue to fight to be as strong as she is.
  4. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Asking for help is not one of my strengths. I like to do things on my own, get through things on my own, and think that if I do it myself without help I am the winner! However, bottling everything up, or keeping feelings on lock down is not always the best way to handle things. This is especially true for emotions. Talk to someone, open up, see a therapist… all of these options do not mean you’re weak – they mean you’re human. Why sit and stew and try and figure it out when there are people out there who CAN and WANT to help. This applies to relationships, jobs, financial issues… anything really. Ask for help! My mom has never been afraid to ask for help whether its something small, a big project, when it comes to sorting out emotions – and unapologetically asks for help when needed. This is something I think is so brave.
  5.  Do you. We can change who we are to better ourselves, but also love who we are everyday. My mom is funny, cute, loves her kids to death, loves shopping, her friends, hosting parties, collecting napkins and straws, works even on vacation, takes a million pictures even when we all whine and complain after the 100’th one and make funny faces at her… but she is herself everyday. Even when we are the most annoying version of ourselves, or the funniest, or the most confident – be yourself everyday and value your worth.

There are probable a million other things my mom has taught me… but these are the five I am most grateful of! I don’t know what I would do without her, and I am so blessed to have her in my life everyday. Happy Mother’s day Momma… you are the WINNER of today… and all days! Love you so much and thank you for being you and being the glue that holds our perfect family together.



14 thoughts on “The 5 Most Valuable Things My Mom Taught Me

  1. This is so amazing. Thank you for this tribute. I am so fortunate to have you in my life. Being a mom is my favorite role, always will be. XO

  2. You have described the wonderful woman I know! So glad you can appreciate all she has done not looking for thanks. She is a loving and devoted Mom! and you are lucky!

  3. What a beautiful post Kelly. Your Mom is Supermom for sure, and she is SO supremely proud of you. You are blazing your own trail but I can see where you got your strengths. You go girl❣️

  4. That was beautiful! I know your mom from high school and I actually went on a summer vacation with your mom and grandparents to Canada. We had a fabulous time! I have not seen your mother for many, many years but the Lindsay I remember is a dedicated, honest, and caring friend and she has carried that throughout her life. (I follow her on Facebook). She should be one proud parent. I wish you much success in your new endeavor!

  5. Your mom is so talented and nice. She was so fun to house hunt with and so helpful in staging my house. My teenage son will still arrange the cocktail stools in the living room after reluctantly serving as the vacuum assistant and say, “This is how Mrs. Mikita said they should go!”

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