Basic Essentials you NEED in your Summer Wardrobe

Sometimes the best days are when you can throw on a basic t-shirt, or a tank… and walk out the door looking fabulously chic! This is why I absolutely love Madewell for their tees and tanks. Typically Madewell is a little on the pricey side for their skirts, denim, and dresses – but the name lives up to the hype. You get what you pay for! The quality is amazing and everything I’ve bought, even if I shriveled in my chair after hitting the purchase button, I’ve ended up loving!


Their basic layers, however, are affordable AND still have the same quality… AHHH-mazing. Their tanks run from $18 – 25 dollars depending on if they’re plain or have a stripe or other print, and their tees are anywhere from $25 – 40 dollars. Some have cute little ties on the sleeves or sides, some have a pattern, some have a collar, some are more boxy and crop… you really just cannot go wrong when picking out basic essential layers from their collection. I typically get an XS in their tanks, but a Small in their tees. Weird – but that’s just how they fit me best!


Jeans & Shorts! Need I say more? Everyone needs a couple pairs of denim to rotate through their wardrobe. This doesn’t mean they all have to be designer! Some of my favorite pairs were $30 at Target, and I LOVE the jeans from the Gap. Really for me, I’m not concerned about the label, the fit is everything. If they look good, hold up, and fit my shape… I’m sold! I love dark denim, so I usually buy one really dark pair per year. It’s always good to have a distressed pair as well. These just add a little texture to an otherwise very plain look. They also can make a fancier top look more casual when paired together. So they work both ways! I also like to have a white pair for the summer. White jeans are heaven. They go with any color, and really just make any top really pop! Plus – you can rock them as soon as it starts getting warm (regardless of the old wives tale Memorial Day – Labor Day only rule) and take them on any warm weather vacation destination!


Summer shoe essentials. So this is hard for me, because I honestly want EVERY pair of shoes that I see, ha! But if I had to narrow down to five essential pairs for the summer they would be as follows:

  1. Platform Espadrille – any color in the neutral family will do. These go with dresses, shorts, ankle cut jeans, cropped pants… literally everything. If you pick a beige or tan color, they will go with every outfit in your closet!
  2. Gladiator Sandal – again, get a color that goes with majority of what’s in your closet already! Mushroom, beige, tan, black… all can be worn with many different colors. They’re easy to walk in, and can be worn with anything. They add a level of detail to your feet and jazz up your everyday outfits.
  3. Tall Ankle Strap Heel – this will be a dressier shoe! Showers, weddings, bachelorette parties, nights out dancing, fancy dinners… etc. These make your legs look super long, and will accentuate your leg definition! AMEN to both! They also will go with anything and are a great way to elevate your outfits style. Dresses, jeans, pants, shorts, skirts… they will go with anything.
  4. Slides – slides are definitely trending right now. A flat sandal with a couple straps, whether straight across, crissed-crossed, patterned, or bejeweled with studs or pearls… they’re all so easy to step into and walk out the door. Sometimes your feet just need a break from heels and millions of straps!
  5. Slip on or Sneaker – these are a must! I rock my Converse and my Adidas superstars all the time in the summer. Toms and Superga also make great tennis shoes in tons of colors and styles. Cubs & Sox games, street festivals, travel – all things were I like my feet to be covered. You never know what you’ll step in or what could spill on you at those types of events, so sometimes its best to keep em covered! Especially on a plane…. shared close quarters is the last place I want to look at weird feet, haha! Plus does anyone else’s feet get ridiculously cold on a an airplane? Cuz mine definitely are always frozen in flight!

Bags… Same feelings towards shoes – I want them all! Some styles trending for summer are straw & woven bags. Whether they’re a tote, a beach bag, satchel, clutch, or circle bag – woven is in! These are also so easy to pair with any color, and if you’re using neutral shoes in your wardrobe, they will match everything! There are a ton out there at great price points. Some have pom poms or a cute detailed print on them – which add a little pop of color! Back packs are also trending. Hands free is seriously the best, especially if you have little ones you’re chasing around, shopping, carting a million things at one time… it’s nice to have both hands available when needed! I typically buy cross bodies for this reason as well!

I’ve link all my favorites below! What are your favorite essential wardrobe pieces? Comment below! Click on the follow link in my footer to get more style tips like this post!





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  1. Loved this! I am always trying to figure out how I want to switch up my look for the season. I’m desperately craving destroyed black skinny jeans and a good blue jean boyfriend cut, but I agree – fit is EVERYTHING and it’s so hard for me to find a fit I love. I’ll have to try out Gap and Target. Thanks for the recos 🙂 will definitely be back for more.

    If you have a sec and are ever looking to pass the time with some feel-good thoughts, feel free to stop by my page, too 🙂

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