Styled 3 Ways: Swing Dress

I’m so excited for this post, mostly because you can use some things you already have in your closet that are similar, and really don’t have to spend too much money! A lot of the options below are from Target, so if you do need something, you know you’re getting the best bang for your buck!


There are so many ways to jazz up a plain swing dress that you may already own! However – if you don’t have a swing dress, this one from Old Navy is literally the best for these three looks. The material is super stretchy and soft – and there is enough length and material to knot and scrunch! It’s only $21.00 – and typically on sale with their special offers online and in store! Such a great deal, and as you can see, looks much more expensive than $21.00!

The first look – I just left the dress as it is, and paired it with my everyday tote, and my most comfortable pair of gladiators! This entire outfit is under $125, and most likely you already have something similar in your own closet. When it’s super hot in the summer, and I need to run around, get errands done, or hit up a fun lunch with friends… this is such a great option. It’s breezy and flowy, and easy to throw on in under two minutes! Throw a belt around the waist for a little more texture and shape too if you want!

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The second look – I love for work, and any other day really! Throw on a long cardigan with a pattern, or a different color than this dress, and it will take this simple dress to a new level. This dress has a lot of extra fabric, as most swing dresses do, but I was able to gather some of it in the front to create a pinched look on the side.  Just scrunched the material like an accordion, and used a safety pin on the inside of the dress to hold it together!  This gives it some detail it didn’t have before, and also makes it a little dressier. I’ve paired it here with a wedge sandal! You can also rock a cute pair of sneakers to make this more casual – like the Adidas superstar originals. All are linked below!



The third look – is clearly for a night out on the town! Again, since there is so much extra stretchy fabric, I grabbed the dress right where I want the knot, and tied it off to the side. This shortens the dress a little, and gives it a new level of sophistication. I’ve done this a few times, and the material always goes back to normal. I swear – this is honestly the best swing dress out there for doing multiple looks! Pair with a high heeled ankle sandal, and some statement earrings – and you’re all set for a date, or dancing the night away with your friends! Also – this bag is clutch! I love the square shape! Everyone is carrying the half circle bag by Cult Gaia, which is $198 for the big size, and $148 for the mini. While I love that bag, this is a little different, and also only $33 – winner winner chicken dinner!

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