Amplify your look with Statement Earrings

Earrings are such a fun and inexpensive way to amp up your everyday outfit. I stuck to more simple earrings for such a long time, and recently added bolder jewelry back into my collection of accessories. For anywhere from $8-35 dollars, most of the earrings below are knockouts and add so much depth and detail to any look.


Whether you’re only feeling a casual jeans and tee day, but need just a little something extra – add some statement earrings and your look is elevated to a new level almost instantly. Have a wedding or an event to attend? Amp up your dress with a pop of bold color!


Earrings are a great way to bring out your personality. Personally when I don’t wear them or forget them, I feel naked. They transform any outfit and draw attention to you in positive way. It shows a little bit of who you are without wearing something outlandish or crazy. It allows me to be a little bold without people looking at you like “oohhh, what is that girl wearing?!”… but more on the lines of “oh wow, that girl is really put together”. That’s definitely the response I would prefer to have. Putting together an outfit is never easy. There are days when I stand in front of my closet and yell “I have NO CLOTHES!” which is clearly not the case… but sometimes you’re just feeling off. When you finally land on an outfit and feel confident about what you choose, adding earrings just makes me feel that much more confident. They just add that little bit of extra you need to finalize your look.


I have three go to places when when it comes to quality earrings at great prices. I will obviously grab any that I see at a great price point… but I default to BaubleBar, Sugarfix by BaubleBar from Target, and the Loft. I also occasional find great earrings at Express. Every earring below is under $40 and a lot of the time they have sales going! Buy more save more is always an option at BaubleBar, and you also get points for every dollar you spend to use for your future purchases! Target earrings are always under $15 so I grab a ton when I’m there… duh. Is there any other way to shop for anything at Target than just get one of each? I think not. Loft… oh the Loft! I love them for everything but they have the best jewels. So pretty and soft, but then a punch of color too! They’re all on sale right now for 30% off! Happy shopping!


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