The Best Sunglasses for Summer!


All I can say is Rayban! By far my most favorite brand. Not only do they really protect your eye’s from the sun, they’re affordable and durable! These black shades are so stealth and I was so excited when they came in the mail! They have a double bridge on the nose, and a more rounded aviator look. The metal is a matte black, which contrasts with the shiny lens. They are light, but dense enough to stay in place and block out all the sun. Absolutely love them! They’re also polarized which helps protect your eyes from harmful rays. Rayban puts a P after their brand name on the lens so that you know you have that extra layer of protection! Highly recommend!


Another favorite pair from Rayban are below! These are also a double bridge, but have a more natural aviator shape. The frame has a little thicker of an edge, and comes in a few colors for extra pop! These have an iridescent lens on the inside of the glasses, and a yellow/brown tint to the frame. These really help your eyes relax in the sun. They’re super stylish and I get compliments on them all the time.



I also just got a pair of thicker frame tortoise sunglasses from Draper James… LOOOVE them so much! They’re big and chunky and so fab. They have more of a grey tortoise color to them, which is so different than brown. They definitely stand out!


Other than that I love all the sunglasses from the Loft! They are super affordable and so cute! I like having a few nice pairs… but it’s also great to get some bright colors, different shape lens, or something totally out of my comfort zone for only $25! If you end up not loving them, or only wearing them a few times… for $25 you can’t be mad! All their sunglasses are this price and usually you can get them for 40% during their sales! WINNING! My faves are below!


blog Sunnies2 458053_7329

Can’t forget about Quay! Just grabbed these for $60 and love them. They’re larger in size and very reflective! They’re like big shinny mirrors! HOORAY! Grab them while you can! The lenses are a dark grey with a gold reflection, with gold metal lenses! Super cute.


Happy shopping!

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