How To: Shop the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale!

If you follow any style blogger… I’m sure you’ve seen posts about the half yearly sale! This is the best time to start thinking about the fall and get great deals on sweaters, jeans, boots… and lots of higher priced items like bags and coats! The half yearly sale gives you HUGE discounts on designer brands, and lets you shop fall looks for much less.

What you need to know and important dates!

Early access is key – but you must have a Nordstrom card to shop early! It’s super easy to apply for one online at! You can get instant approval, and your card will automatically load into your profile so you can shop away! If you do not have the card, you can still shop the sale, but you won’t have access until 8 days after cardmembers, and your beloved items may not be in stock once you are allowed to shop. Having a card is KEY to this sale to make sure you snag the items you want!

Important Dates!

July 11th – If you happen to be a level 4 cardholder with Nordstrom, you are allowed to pre-shop the sale in stores only!

July 12th – Early access opens for all Nordstrom card members. This runs through the 19th, giving all card members an entire WEEK to shop before everyone else. (This is why it’s important to have the card!)

July 20th – Biggest sale of the year opens to the public… AKA everyone who does not have a Nordstrom credit card!

Aug 5th – last day of the Half Yearly Sale! Prices go back up to normal on August 6th!

How to shop!

My best advice for this sale is to browse through the women’s catalog! It located online at Not ALL items are in this catalog, but it will give you a good feel for what will be included in the sale. There is an item number associated with each piece, and once the sale goes live, that item number will be searchable, and you can add items to your cart with that item number. I have all mine written down and ready to go so it saves time once the sale goes live at Midnight on the 11th (12am on the 12th!)

This sale goes live at Midnight… so yea… I’ll be up late loading up my cart and getting everything ready to press purchase! You better believe every blogger and girl with a card is doing the exact same thing! Not vital… but if you want all your items and in your size, I will say one late night will not kill you if you REALLY want some great stuff!

Another AMAZING way to shop is in store. My blogger helper… Tori, happens to work at Nordstrom, so I set up an appointment with her to shop on the 12th! I have already given her all the item numbers I want to try on, and she can pull them early for me and set them aside! She will also know what other items are on the sale, and is getting a massive pile ready for me. She helps style me and put my looks together for my posts, so I trust her ability to set aside great things in my sizes! Anything she doesn’t have in store I will snag online! Don’t know someone? Not a problem! You can easily set up an appointment online with a stylist to shop the sale the same way I am.

Tip to not overspend!

Get your budget ready and line up what is really vital! Sometimes these sales can be overwhelming and the pressure to buy a ton can get to you. Do not go over you budget! It’s a great sale, but not worth blowing an entire month of pay if you will be paying it off for a year! My key items are going to be jeans, boots, and sweaters. These are the items that I know I will need for the fall, and wear ALL the time. So they are worth the money to me. One good pair of each (maybe two) will make my shopping the sale a success. Other great items will be bags and beauty! There are a lot of great bags going on sale that rarely go to a 40% off… and wont be on sale anywhere else! This is not a sale other sites will price match either. Decide what are the items you will wear all through the winter, and will be durable and will last through an entire season.

My top finds from the catalog are some Frame and other designer skinny jeans, treasure and bond white mules, a bunch of boots and sweaters by Halogen, and the best pair of studded booties by 1.State – totally geeking out over them! Dark grey, low heel, pointed toe and studded… AHHmazing. I love summer but this sale is getting me excited for fall and winter! There’s also an amazing tote by Madewell that Im for sure snagging! These items aren’t online yet… but once I have them in my bag on the 12th… I will post all my finds for you in a #NSale Round up!

Shop today’s look below!





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