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Make up can definitely get pricy when you like certain brands… so when the Nordstrom sale went up – I immediately went to the beauty section to look at all the skincare and makeup! What’s great about this sale is the sets you can get. Brands don’t typically sell a set of lipsticks, or eyeshadows specifically for a sale – but they do for Nordstrom!

I am all about #affordablestyle, and this definitely applies to most of my choices for fashion, makeup, and skincare. I love getting fun eyeshadows and testing out new products, but also am very mindful of keeping my over the counter staples in my bag as a balancing act. If a product is rated well and also helps solve a problem for me, my skin, or my makeup routine – I will splurge!

My beauty finds are below! Love that MAC made lip kits, eye pallets that include a mascara and eyeliner, and a lot of other brands did the same with mixing eyeshadows with cheek colors in the same pallet. So convenient and you have one pallet to carry – not a bunch of individual products in lots of colors! See below for all my favorites and best deals!


This MAC pink lip kit is awesome! IT comes with a darker matte pink that has slight brown undertones, a bright lighter pink that has some shimmer, and then a light pink gloss that has great coverage! All of them are great on their own, or if you combine them! $36.50 for all three!


This Laura Mercier pallet is so pretty in person! Three amazing cheek colors –  a shimmer coral pink, a matte rose pink, and a matte light bronzer. The rest are mixes of really pretty matte and shimmer shadows that are shades of browns and plums. Perfect for everyday wear and all skin tones! $75.00 but you get a lot of product!


This NARS pallet is also gorgeous! Amazing bold cheek blush that also comes with a highlighter! They compliment each so well! The other four colors are shades of browns with grey neutral undertones. These will really stand out against the cheek colors and can be blended well together for a natural look, or a smokey eye! $49.00!


This pallet is by far my favorite purchase! All the eyeshadows are metallic so they shimmer and bounce off so much light on your eyes! I’ve already gotten compliments from coworkers that my makeup looks “great”and have used it twice! I’ll call that a WIN! The cheek color is so pretty and the perfect highlight to any bronzer. The eye colors are in the same neutral/bronze family… but also have a muted silver, a beautiful light sage green, a purple/brown, and then a dark brown that’s almost a black to create a smokey look. It’s literally all my favorite colors in one pallet! Bonus (in case you need more reasons to buy this) … it comes with a full mascara and eyeliner! $44.50.


How cute are these brushes? Light pink and all the best ones you need to create the perfect smokey or natural look on your eyes. Only $30 and this is a great brand for brushes.


You can never have enough lip glosses… and these are four of the best colors for summer and fall. These glide on like a lip gloss, but cover like a lipstick. Love them! Perfect shades of pinks that look good with every skin tone and whatever you’re wearing!


I’m always skeptical of brow kits, only because I have never really fell in love with one myself. This is a great option at a great price! Comes in three shades and is really easy to apply. You can coat the hairs with the brow gel, and then shape and create a more defined shape with the pencil. For $28 this is a great buy!


More lip kits from MAC! This is the same as the pink trio – but in nudes! Both the lipsticks have a pink/nude undertone, while the gloss is the perfect shade of light nude. Goes on thick and gives coverage for hours! $36.50 for all three!


Another amazing MAC lip kit! These minis are all matte’s and a great array of shades. The red is amazing! It’s hard to find a perfect red – but this one takes the cake! $32.50 for six really cute small lipsticks that are perfect for a night out when you have a tiny bag!


My love for this lotion is real. It’s silky smooth, light, but lasts all day. Also gives your skin a slight glow – without looking like a shimmer. Not sure how it does that but its so pretty! It’s definitely expensive – $75 normal price for this huge bottle. However this is on sale for $52 and will last FOREVER.

You will not be disappointed!

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