Monday Motivation!

Happy Monday… and who doesn’t love a Monday that gets you back into a routine? For me… working out has been hit or miss with all the PT I’ve had to do. However, I officially graduated, and was fully released to start working out and running on my own! Made it a priority to get it done in the morning, so I can have lots of energy to tackle my day, and keep my nights free to cook and relax!

I love Adidas for working out. This brand is built for activity, and holds up well for years of beatings at the gym. Their basic pieces can be found at a lot of stores, and are all at great price points! Working out for me is something that I do for stress relief and clearing my head. It helps keep me balanced. I do love a cute workout outfit, and also love to match and coordinate colors, but I also don’t want to spend $80 on one pair of leggings when I’m just going to sweat in them! This is why I love Adidas. Functional, affordable, and all at great price points!


My entire outfit is linked below… and the shoes are on sale! YAY! These shoes are so soft and stretchy. They’re really light weight which makes them great to run in, or just walking around during the day running errands. They are easily worn without socks too and do not rub your feet or around your ankles. I got these after my surgery to wear day to day for support and comfort, and I’m so glad that I did. Love them! Also linked another affordable pair that comes in fun colors, and are also great for running and everyday workouts!


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