How To: Confetti Cake Tutorial

Good Evening Friends! Today is my Birthday and I thought… there’s no better time to do my first Vlog and show you all how I make cakes! I am so excited to share my cake tutorial with you today. I’ve put together a little video on the step by step process of how to make this adorable little birthday cake! Easy for beginners


Custom cakes can be very expensive, and not knocking on the cakes you can get from local grocery stores – because they’re quick and you can customize them with wording at an affordable price point, but they’re not nearly as adorable or delicious as when you make your own with quality ingredients!

My friends laughed at me when I said making this cake is easy… they were like “yea… for you Ms. Martha Stewart”… but I honestly feel that if you are crafty or have a passion for anything creative – you CAN make this cake!


The hardest part, is icing the outside and getting straight edges… BUT I will show you how to do this at home, and the little flower icing blobs cover a magnitude of errors! So don’t be nervous! Let’s go!

Here’s what you need in terms of tools:

  1. Long Metal Spatula – I like one that is bent on the handle. You will see this in the video below!
  2. Cake pans – 6 in. Michael’s has these for you, or amazon, or any place you can get baking supplies. Just make sure the edge of the pan is completely straight and does not angle out at the top. You want straight even edges for when you go to stack them.
  3. A metal cake scrapper – you can get the one I’m using at your local Michael’s for about $8.00! Or, head on over to home depot and get a longer wall spackel tool. You laugh – but it works just the same! There are plastic versions of this too, just make sure your edge is 6in or longer and does not have a curved edge.
  4. Lazy susan, or spinning cake stand.
  5. Icing flower tips – there are tons of these at Michael’s as well!
  6. Piping bags – also at Michael’s. So easy to use, but if you have zip lock bags those work too, just get the freezer kind as the plastic is a little thicker.
  7. Food coloring of your choice!

In terms of ingredients  – just find whatever cake recipe you love, or use a boxed cake! You’ll need enough batter for three 6in size cake pans. I threw some sprinkles in my favorite white cake batter to make it confetti on the inside. You can also add some food coloring to the cake to make the inside pop however you’d like!


DO NOT buy icing in a can! While its delicious and easy to use for simple cupcakes or a pan cake.. it does not set up, or have the structure you need to make a layered cake! Buttercream is where it’s at! There are a lot of recipes online, but it’s simply unsalted butter, powdered sugar and vanilla. You can add a small amount of milk if you make it too thick. Essentially you just let your butter get to room temperature and slowly mix in your sugar until you get a nice thick and creamy consistency. You want the icing to be able to set, or pipe out and hold a shape… so you will not get this if you use store bought icing!

Ok… now it’s time for the video! Hope you like it… it’s about 10 minutes long, but it’s fun to watch and hopefully you learn how to do this yourself!

Watch me here!




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