White Denim + Crop Sweater

Gonna rock these jeans as many times as possible before Labor Day… however I feel that as long as it’s sunny and bright outside, and still warm, white jeans are always acceptable! This rule will also apply on my trip to Vegas I have coming up next week!



This crop sweater I snagged during the #nsale and it’s sooo cute! It’s on sale again for under $40! It’s really soft and light weight which I love because I can wear it now while it’s still a little warm out. Even though it’s a crop, it’s still a perfect length for high waisted jeans. I’m wearing an Xsmall and the fit is perfect. There’s length in the sleeves if you have long arms, and the boxy fit is so flattering on any body type. It also comes in a pretty pink color! Linked it below – the exact sweater is the first two pictures! I’ve also linked some other similar pullovers that are all under $40!


These are my favorite jeans from the gap and they’re on sale for $70!!! I’ve actually bought two pairs of them in the past four years! They fit so well and are really stretchy, but don’t loose their shape! When I moved four years go to my new apt in Chicago, a Gap just happened to be across the street from my building – and I’m so glad because I typically did not shop there – but I LOVE their denim and basics, and they have great sleepwear and workout gear too! Anyways, they run TTS and are super durable!


These shoes are the same booties I posted yesterday – and they’re currently on sale for $90! Super comfortable and the prettiest shade of beige. Have a cute little zip up the slide so they’re easy to get on and off! I am such a wuss in heels anymore, but these are easy to walk in and don’t hurt my feet!


This little necklace is also a new favorite. It’s a matte gold which I love because it’s not overly shinny and if it gets worn, you wont see scratches or potential discoloring like you would in a shinny necklace. You can also adjust the length of the pendants! Keep them close together or move the circle up closer to your neck and let the pendant hang lower. I love this because it makes it versatile with any neckline!


Shop the look below using the photo links!

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