Caseapp is such a fun way to make unique and custom made phone cases and laptop skins. I was so excited to partner with them and create my own phone cases! As a blogger and style influencer, my phone is my sidekick and is always with me. Whether I’m writing posts, scheduling my day, supporting my other blogger babes, or linking my looks to my social media platforms… my phone is always with me. Why not make it super cute and chic?


What I love about Caseapp is how easy it was to create my own cases! Not creative? No worries! They have a lot of free designs you can use in one easy click! I found a print that I loved through google and pinterest, and used that as the background of my floral print design. I love the blush tones and black, and the pops of green reminds me of summer and fall! After I stretched this print they way I liked, all you do is save it to your cart! You can use a photo, create text on any design, or combine any prints you want!


My second option was a quote “hustle darling” with a little heart at the end. I love this so much because it’s so accurate to my daily life. I work two jobs for my main source of income… full time and bar tending. I also make custom cakes and cupcakes on the side, and blog daily. All these things can be overwhelming and hard to schedule… there are days where I don’t feel I have the energy or time to fit it all in, but this little saying keeps me going! You have to hustle to make it to your end goal… whatever that is! Mine is to one day work for myself – and in order to get there, I have to HUSTLE Darling! I picked the pink and black to go with the other phone and create a set that I can swap back and forth!


I am definitely going to make more, and a lap top skin, because it was SO easy and super fun! The shipping is fast and its super affordable! Even more affordable with my discount code! Use code KELLYMIKITA20 for 20% off your own designs! Whether you create a phone case, skin, or laptop skin – there are options for every type of phone and computer – you will get 20% off your entire order! This code is good through 9/14/2018! Get to it!




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