Vegas Day 1~ My looks

Welcome to Vegas! I haven’t been on a trip in a while, so I’m so excited to be here! My family is all here… and being from all over the US, it’s such a treat when we’re all together in the same place! I got here a whole day before everyone so I could detox from my busy schedule! I’m always bouncing from one job to another, and making time to blog… so it was wonderful to put it all down and relax at the pool!

My little robe I got for this trip… ahh so cute! It’s really light weight, and has an inside tie closure, so it ACTUALLY stays closed. I don’t always love robes for that reason – always falling open and constantly having to re-tie it! Not this one! I’m wearing a small. Linked a few different eo\\\\



I linked this exact one on a few sites, some are on sale. Also linked the same robe in other colors for you too!


My look for last night was casual (for Vegas)! This little top from Vici Dolls is so cute. The ruffle detail is so sweet and the little pattern is really subtle. It’s peplum and is such a great shape! I’m wearing a small, and it also comes in ivory!  It’s in the final sale for Vici… so its $42 but you get an extra 40% off with code SALE40 at checkout!


I got these jeans at the gap and they’re perfect. Always under $90 full price, and the fit is perfect. High waisted and really hug your body without being tight and stiff. The denim is soft and holds it’s shape! This pair has a little distressing at the ankle and in a few places on the front of the legs. Super cute.

Everything else is linked below!

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