Dreamy Presets: The answer to FEED GOALS!

When I started blogging, I quickly noticed that my photos were all over the place in terms of color, lighting, and background noise. I kept seeing all these other feeds that were so uniform, cohesive, had the same color tone and was like HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Well it is possible… with Dreamy Presets! Some of my before and afters are shown in this post so you can see! Your’s can look the same –

Use code KELLY10 to get 10% off your order of any preset package at www.dreamypresets.com!

Before you can see my photos are good, but just bright and all over the place and no common theme to them. Once I started using the Rose Gold preset… that all changed! My feed looks beautiful and uniform, and I feel that my blog has a whole new look to it! Before and after of my feed are directly below!




If you are new to blogging, or want your feed to look gorgeous and in the same color family no matter what you’re wearing… you need to check them out! They have multiple options in terms of color tones! Millenial Pink, Hazel, Peach…. I use the Rose Gold. Most bloggers I follow use the Millenial Pink presents – and they’re STUNNING! I wanted a little different look to mine. The rose gold gives a slight rosey hue, but also has a little deeper brown tone to it. What I love is how it makes anything red really POP! I try and put a little red into my feed every 5-6 posts. Whether that’s in my outfit of the day, or some flowers, or a backdrop in my photo. No matter what I wear, this presets helps every photo I post fit into my feed perfectly!

They’re so easy to use… and AFFORDABLE! For $69 you can get any color you want for your phone, or a bundle for phone and computer for $99. The download is almost instant. You do need to get the Adobe Lightroom Photoshop app, which I believe is free – don’t quote me on that, but that is the platform they run in! This was the best money I spent and I am so happy with how my feed looks. Most likely will buy another one for when spring and summer roll back around… but this Rose Gold is perfect for the fall and winter coming up! It literally does everything for me and I don’t have to spend any time playing with all the photos settings. You can still adjust the lighting and other minor things after you use the present… but most of the time I typically do not adjust much at all!

Use code KELLY10 to get 10% off your order of any preset package at www.dreamypresets.com!

Shop today’s look below!


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