All Eyes on YOU!

Anyone who knows me knows my love for makeup, more specifically eye shadows, basically came from the womb! I spent countless hours in the bathroom with my sister growing up – watching her put on her makeup, and learning all the tricks and techniques! There was no you tube or fun tutorial videos, so we basically learned how to do our makeup ourselves! Both of us were dancers, so we always did fun makeup for recitals and shows, and just kept learning new ways of shading and blending as we grew up. It’s about the one thing we shared nicely in our younger teen days – clothes was a different story, ha! We prob should have just realized we could double our wardrobe by sharing… looking back it makes me laugh!


Sharing my favorite eye shadow pallets that I use daily below! First and most importantly you MUST invest in an eye base! I’ve linked my favorite one below. Eye base is similar to a concealer, but goes on the base of your eyelid and helps your color stay on all day, stay in place and not end up in your crease, and also really makes the color and pigment of your eye shadow pop! If I forget to put this on in the am, my eye shadow ends right up in my crease -BOO!


Going to start with highlighters! I always wear a highlighter right under my eyebrow. I prefer to use one with a little shimmer because I feel it stays on better – but the two best I’ve found that are very pigmented and last are by MAC. One is called Phloof! which is a very light soft pink!, and the other is Nylon which is more of a yellow/white base. Both are great and go with may different color pallets! In the photo below… my eye make-up has been on for over 9 hours with no touch ups! No creasing – and my eyeliner is still very black!


Now to the pallets – I love all golds, browns, and purples. Occasionally I rock some green – but I stick to these three because they go with everything you wear, and they also bring out the hazel in my eyes! This Tarte Pallet I love because of all the different coppers and golds in it – and the darkest shade in the pallet is a deep purple! Heaven! They stay on well and add such a great highlight to your eyes. I like to dab a little of the love color under my eye in the corner too for a little extra sparkle, and any of these gold shades do the trick as well!


These MAC pallets are legit my fav find! I love MAV and it’s been my go to brand for eye shadows since I can remember! So many different shades and hues, shinny or matte, cream or powder – they have it all! These pallets are on sale right now for $33 which is a STEAL for how many colors you get and for how long they last you. I’ve had my one for months and barely made a dent! They are both loaded with the colors I love, and the bigger color is a highlighter for your cheeks! I got the Nordy Girl pallet from the #nsale, so I snagged these two as soon as they went on sale this week! The Queen Supreme is really pigmented and shimmery so it’s great for a night out and has so many perfect fall colors! The Basic Bitch pallet is more matte and darker plums. So great for creating that perfect smokey eye! There are neutral colors in this pallet too that are perfect for everyday use!


This pallet I just snagged from Ulta Beauty – of course went in there for one thing and came out with $100 worth of stuff! Whoops. Anyways, this is all my favorite colors in one place. Rich plum hues and a little sparkle! AMEN. If you have hazel eyes, plums and purples really bring out the green in your eyes! The glare and the whiplash are so perfect for the base and crease – and I use night fever in the corners to give a little highlight to the corners!


This is another amazing sale find from MAC – it’s the Aliyah collection and has 9 different shades in this pallet. They’re beautiful! The one thing I love about pallets is how great they are to travel with. Digging through a makeup bag to find one individual shade can be so annoying, so this gives you the benefit of having them all together in one spot. Bring one or two on your trip and you’ve got an array of colors to choose from, less mess, and conveniently in one spot! Plus they’re all shaded to work with each other and create a beautiful work of art on your eye!


For eyeliner I live and breathe by the MAC gel pot liner. It’s the best. It stays on all day, it’s waterproof but washes off easily with soap and water, and your eyeshadow does not get stuck in it or cloud the color in any way. You do need an eyeliner brush to use it, which I also get from MAC. I think this is so much easier to apply than liquid liner. You have a a little more control and can make the line as thick or thin as you want with little effort. I love the Blacktrack, and the Lowlights colors. One is black, and the other dark brown!

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I do not wear fake lashes on a regular basis (sometimes for special events or a big photo shoot) – they’re naturally just long, and depending on the type of fake lash – you can barely see them under my own lashes! First world problems! Mascara I swear by is Voluminous! I love how black it is – never looks grey, and it adds so much volume and length to my lashes without the clumping. AMEN. I don’t remember ever using another mascara since I started wearing makeup. Forever client! I also got a MAC mascara in one of my eyeshadow pallets. It’s pretty good too!


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I don’t wear foundation – ever. The less on my face the better. I think this is part of the reason my skin has stayed so clear for so long. I also have oily skin, so I want it to be able to breathe and not have a lot of base on it. I use a Covergirl powder that I swear by. If they ever stop making it I might cry! It’s a mineral powder, but it’s so velvety smooth and covers so well for a powder. This a a little conceler go a long way! Both are linked below and under $10! Whoop Whoop!

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Shop away!!

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  1. Where is that sweater from? I’m in love!

    Also I feel you on not wanting to share clothes when younger haha. Why double your wardrobe when you can fight over who owns what shirt? Or maybe that was just my younger sister and I who would fight over clothes.

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