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Guys – the struggle is real today, standing farther away in the photo so you can’t see my ridiculous eye bags! Making two cakes this week – and nothing seemed to be working for me last night so my frustration level was at an all time high. Was up forever – so I need alllll the coffee I can get today!


This little wrap top is so great for fall! It has the cutest camel, red, orange and brown flecks of yarn all over it, and a cute little bow that ties in the front. It’s perfect for the office, and has a little snap in the front so that it doesn’t open up and expose the girls! Hooray! It’s under $60 and I cannot wait to wear it again.

How cute are these pumps? They’re like a boot and a pump in one. They’re from last season – but I linked some similar ones below!

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Yesterday’s post is also linked! The thermal comes in tons of colors and I also linked some similar ones too!


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