Happiness = Good Hair Days: How to get the perfect curls that last for days!

Alright ladies… a few of you have asked for it – so I’m sharing my hair secrets! From curling tutorial, to keeping it looking fresh, to using affordable products… all my tricks are below for you!


First of all… I love my hair! It may be the one thing I love the most, other than my long natural eyelashes. I have a ton of it, it’s fine, straightens easily, and holds curl very well. The technique I use will work for any hair – unless it’s super super curly, then I’m not sure this tutorial is for you. So sorry! If your hair is fine, thick, coarse, dry, oily – then you’ve come to the right place!

First lets start off with products! Some people think the more expensive the hair product, the better it is for your hair. While this may be true in some cases, you can find similar products with the same ingredients for a lot less and they will perform the same way. I work in food production – and I can tell you that a lot of brands use the same formula for items, but just the packaging and price point will differ! No need to spend a fortune, but some items are definitely worth a little splurge! The shampoo and conditioner I use religiously is only $6.99/bottle at Walgreens, Ulta, or Target! It’s Hask brand, and I use the nourishing coconut formula. This gets all my tangles out, and helps keep my hair super healthy and strong. I’ve used it for years and love it!



Before I dry my hair, I always flip it upside down and run Moroccan oil through my ends. I can use about a quarter size amount, because my ends are dryer and can use the extra moisture. This also helps protect the ends from the heat and helps seal them while styling. If the ends are starting to get a little rough in between haircuts – I will also use a split end mender with the oil! The oil I use is below. There are two versions – one is a little thicker, and one is a little more penetrating! Both work great depending on how dry your ends/hair may be.

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Once this is in my hair – I use a wet brush to get all the tangles out and will just blow dry. My brush of choice is just a paddle brush – and this works well with any type of hair, and will help smooth out any bumps or curls. Once my hair is dry, I spray it all over with a little hairspray. I choose to splurge a little on my hairspray and get the Moroccanoil brand in the firm hold. This hairspray goes a long way, because a little makes for lasting hold. I have a lot of hair so I make sure I lift up all the layers and get a coating everywhere. Brush that out and make it smooth… then start to curl! This hairspray is anywhere from $22-24. So a splurge, but not terrible!


I prefer a wand that does not a have a clamp. I feel the clamp creates a different style of curl that falls easily and does not last as long. I love the L’ange wands. I have two – one in a 1 in barrel, and another in a 1.25 in barrel. That half an inch makes a big difference in the way the curl falls – so for my length currently, I prefer to use the smaller one! You can usually get these on some great deal! I got both for under $45 when they retail for over $120! Do you need to spend a lot on a curling iron? Absolutely not! With the right product and technique – your curls will hold whether your wand cost $25 or $250! I prefer ceramic over titanium. They both get very hot, but ceramic is a more even heat across the wand – where the titanium can have hot spots.


Hold the wand facing down and wrap your hair around it – away from your face! If the wind blows, you want your hair going with the wind not against it! Leave the ringlets in place until you’ve curled your whole head. Comb through them with your hands to create your loose waves – and spray with a texturizing spray! Then finish with a little hairspray. If you missed a spot or don’t love how it’s falling, you can re-curl those pieces once you see how everything looks. In between washes, I usually put my hair in a high pony with a scrunchie – very loosely when I sleep – and spray dry shampoo in it before I go to bed! This helps soak up the oil that may come during the night, and keeps the volume into the morning. Then I usually just have to re-curl a couple pieces in the morning and off I go!



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My tutorial video is linked below! Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Wet brush is the best!

    Also I work in packaging so I totally understand how ingredients are basically the same but packaging and price point will change depending on the brand. Crazy!

  2. Love this post!! I already bought the Moroccan spray and curling iron and they are life changers-per my amazing blogger friend’s suggestion! 😉 Now I’m going to get the rest of the stuff!

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