How to get the WHITEST teeth with Smile Br!lliant!

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This teeth whitening journey I’ve been on lately has been really exciting for me! I was born with naturally yellower teeth – if that’s a word, and have tried multiple types of whitening toothpastes, white stripes, whitening tray programs from the dentist, etc. While I did notice a change right after the stripes were removed, it never seemed to hold, and I was forced to constantly repeat the whitening cycle over and over again.


Strips are also not cheap! Each time you buy them, it will cost you around $40-$80 and without lasting results, that can be disappointing. Being a coffee lover, I need a whitening program that works for me, fits into my budget, and gives noticeable results that last. Thankfully, I found Smile Brilliant! The #1 Dentist recommended teeth whitening system using custom fitted trays – for only $150!


There are MULTIPLE reasons this whitening program was a game changer for me! First and most important… it worked! I finished my program about 3 weeks ago and my teeth are still brighter and look great! The reason Smile Brilliant works so well are their custom fit trays. When you purchase a kit – you are set a package to make an impression and exact mold of your teeth. You mail these back, and within a week you are sent your own custom trays that fit your mouth perfectly. This means that every nook and cranny of your teeth will be coated in the whitening gel every time you whiten. You also have these trays for life, and unless you decide to get braces or alter your bite – these will continue to be useful for you. This same type of mold could cost up to $500 from your dentist!


The other thing I loved about this program is the options for kits. There are different levels of whitening you can choose from depending on how stained your teeth are and your sensitivity level! This makes for six options… heavy stains, average stains, light stains – for both non-sensitive and sensitive teeth! I choose the average stains for sensitive teeth.


Speaking of sensitive – is it not the worst when you have to whiten daily, and you can barely drink anything hot or cold, bite into food, or chew without extreme sensitivity? Awful! This system not only comes with whitening gel, but includes a desensitizing gel as well! After you whiten, you rinse out your teeth trays and fill them with the desensitizing gel and leave it on for as long as you need. For me I would do this for about 20-30 min – and it was a game changer. I could whiten daily with no sensitivity, which allowed me to go through the process at rapid speed and see noticeable results.


I’m so excited about my results, and happy that this opportunity came my way! This program comes with a 100% guarantee – and the ability to consult with anyone at anytime if you have questions of concerns. The customer service was especially great and they were so helpful in guiding me to making adjustments to my routine if I felt more sensitivity than normal. You can also order more whitening gel and desensitizing gel down the road if you feel you need a touch-up – amazing!

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I’m teaming up with Smile Br!lliant to give YOU the chance to win a free whitening kit!
Head here to enter the giveaway: 


Both these photos are unedited… the lighting was slightly different but you can see a big difference in the before and after!

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