Affordable Coats Under $50!

It’s definitely cold here in Chicago – so time to start gearing up and making sure we have coats to keep us warm! I’ve rounded up a bunch of my favorite styles below – and most of them are under $50! Coats are a great way to accessorize – and we don’t think about the different styles we may need until we’re headed out the door and don’t have the coat or jacket we really want! I usually buy a puffer coat and call it a day – but for dressy occasions I love having a longer pea coat, to go out for the night with my girls I love having a little leather jacket or a jacket that can double as a blazer. Teddy coats are huge right now and super cozy, but you don’t need to spend your whole paycheck on a cute one! There are tons out there at great prices.


Couple places I love to get different styles of coats are Shein, Old Navy, and Chicwish! They have a lot of different styles and they’re really affordable. Easy shipping and returns, and great price points.

I’ve linked my favorites under $50 here below! I’ve also linked a few that are more than $50 – but still worth the extra money and will last you a few seasons!


The rest of these are also great for winter. I usually default to a classic puffer coat in a grey or black so I can wear it daily, and stains don’t show as much. You still need to wash or dry clean your coats occasionally –  but picking a dark coat can help extend that. With sloppy snow and wet grounds, you’re bound to get a splash up or rub against a dirty car and get a nice big smear where you don’t want it! I have one little white puffer coat that I LOVE, but I feel like I wash it once a week!



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