Wooden Ships Knit!

This company reached out to me last month to collaborate, and after reading about what they do, it was a YES! Not only are their sweaters and clothing pieces just beautiful, they individually make each one to order! So no two sweaters in the same style are ever exactly the same. Consider yourself getting a custom piece each time! They also have almost a ZERO percent return rate – unreal! So you know what you’re getting is quality every time.


Not only are their pieces quality and incredibly comfortable – they way they run their business is really impressive. From scarves, to knits, to sweaters… each item is made with environmentally friendly materials and methods. Their made to order, no-stock philosophy cuts back on waste and “incorrect” inventory issues. They created a new company in Bali that is fair and ethical, and go above and beyond fair and normal wages for their employees.

They also reduce their carbon footprint as much as they can with solar energy, recycling all their products, compost materials from the plant, and work towards being zero waste and paperless every day. They give back to tons of charities including wide life preservation and environmentally conscious programs.

My sweater is so beautiful and cozy! You can wear it casual or dressy, and the fit it amazing! use the link below to check out all their items, and use code SUGAR015 for 15% off your purchase!



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