What to wear in Las Vegas!

Ugh… the Mondayest Monday that ever existed! I wish I was back on vacation time with my family. Rounding up all my looks for you below! This trip was not super crazy Vegas like my last trip for a bachelorette party, it was more relaxing, shows, tours, etc! Still got a little fancy and sparkly – but for the most part kept it classy and fun without being skimpy, over the top, or showing way to much of things people don’t need to see!


Also did not bring my good camera with me – so in most of these photos my eye’s look like black holes! Ha, sorry!

This look I’ve already posted but it’s my fav! Such a great date night look, or going out with your friends for a fun night on the town! Wearing small in the top and jeans run TTS.

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This little robe is also just the cutest and most comfortable material. Super soft, and stays in place so nothing is constantly falling out! Hooray!


This dress was so fun to wear! It would be perfect for any wedding, vacation, a date night… you name it! It’s a body con dress, and the bow at the top is structured and the reverse print to give it something a little extra! It was pretty slinky – wore my spanx under to just smooth over some lines, but otherwise it was perfect!


Wore some blingy disco ball earrings I got last year – so I posted some similar ones for you, and a red lip and I was good to go! My clutch is also from last year, so linked some affordable options for you as well as my go to favorite clutch of all time in black! I love a more bright red with a slight pink undertone – so linked my favorites below!




b1951036ba2890d1d1d0dde389c9b9fd_best.jpg e187dbd46c94f06562ae180556aac3be_best.jpg dc1eb016ca1f7e1436a81c28b19626f5_best.jpgd83df38607b75cec8222de760ef7ea22_best.jpg


This sparkle top was so perfect for Vegas! Classy enough and not too over the top to wear to any night out as well! I just paired it with my white jeans, and some fun studded clear heels! These heels are so cute – not ideal for long walks FYI. They’re great to put on if you’re going to sit for dinner, or walk a short distance… but I walked the strip in them and my feet were on fire, ha! Otherwise, they’re $39 and at that price point… still worth the purchase in my book!


Wearing a US2 in the tank! They dont currently have my exact color – but I linked the light pink and black version below for you!


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This outfit was so cute to walk the strip! I’m so glad I wore these shorts because it was 106°F out! They are lightweight and flowy, so allowed the breeze to come in and they did not stick to me at all! Wearing a small! My bag is also from the same store and highly recommend. I love being hands free – and backpacks are back in style and trending. This one is the perfect shade of beige and holds a TON of stuff! Had a big zip pocket, as well as two side pockets! Secured with a latch so it stays closed!


This white tank you need in your wardrobe! it’s a great material that is a softer silky thick cotton. It doesn’t shrink in the dryer, and the thicker straps will make it perfect for layering in the fall and winter. Everything else is linked below!


_103411619Capture 41aec755c00f1690fbec35549ea0006f_best

blog jewel3Blog SS2 02FA1254-8BCB-42DB-AE02-25F2B199DC64

Last but not least… this fringe dress! I got stopped so many times in the hotels and casinos with people asking where I got this! They also could not believe how affordable it was for how well it was made! It’s $87 and the prettiest shade of peach! The body of the dress is as scuba material, so it holds it shape and has lots of support in the top.


The back dips down to a V, and the fringe just flows by your feet all night when you move! Such a fun dress! Wore my same studded heels for this dress with some studded Sugarfix earrings that only cost $12.99!



Also – how cute is my sister and her bestie Eliza? This is my fav picture of the trip – and you can see my earrings!

fringe.PNG sfearring.PNG

Shop away!